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Business Grade Wi-Fi & Guest Wi-Fi Systems

iTek Computer Solutions have years of experience in the installation of business grade single and multi-site wireless indoor and outdoor ‘Wi-Fi’ solutions. A business grade system is one that is designed to be scalable, manageable and with a choice of features allowing for a secure and reliable network in a business and public facing environment.

wifiIn simple terms, we advise and install the best Wi-Fi solution for your business. From the single, simple Wi-Fi access point suitable for a small office right through to a large-scale and complex set up with mesh and point-to-point solutions. Our business and guest Wi-Fi systems are suitable for:

  • Small offices
  • Large offices
  • Hospitality – pubs, restaurants and hotels
  • Conference and event venues
  • Manufacturing, Industrial and Warehousing
  • Leisure
  • Health sector
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Construction sites
  • Indoor and Outdoor systems

We also offer on-going maintenance contracts on our Wi-Fi networks to ensure your investment runs at maximum efficiency in terms of availability and speed.

Wi-Fi only solutions
You can’t argue with the fact that a wireless network is very convenient, so much so that many small businesses are actually opting out of a wired solution altogether and going straight to Wi-Fi.

In such situations setting up a guest Wi-Fi network is also essential as it provides you with improved security and privacy, increased convenience for your visitors as well as proper control over who is using your network.

Offices and business premises
In your office or venue we can provide you with 2 levels of access; a private network for your business and a separate guest access for visitors. We can also provide ‘point to point’ bridge systems to extend your Wi-Fi network to adjacent buildings. Our networks run with enhanced security and we can monitor usage and provide you with a monthly usage report based on per user, per device & sites visited etc.

Schools and colleges
iTek supply educational establishments with effective, reliable and cost effective solutions that allow access to be controlled and monitored right across any campus.

Hospitality industry – pubs, restaurants and hotels
Your guests expect a fast and reliable Wi-Fi service these days and iTek can provide you with the right solution for your environment. The hospitality sector has woken up to the fact that it needs to install reliable Wi-Fi networks to provide its guests with the service they expect and need. Talk to us about upgrading your service today.

Manufacturing, industrial and warehousing
Wi-Fi in these environments can be complex and challenging due to interference from plant and moving vehicles as well as size and other environmental factors. iTek have experience in solving these problems and supplying and installing the right network solutions.

Site survey
Before we are able to specify the right solution for your business we will need to carry out a site survey. In doing this we will be able to fully understand the business environment in which the proposed Wi-Fi network will operate. This will allow us to identify any potential problems and most importantly establish exactly what your business needs and expectations are.

For more information on business and guest Wi-Fi systems, and see how we can solve your problem, call us today on 01539 898 125 and speak to one of out team.

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10 Reasons You Should Use Cloud Backup Solutions

cloud-backupWhat would happen if you company computer or server suddenly died and your data on it was lost forever? We generate a huge amount if data these days and losing it just isn’t an option. For any businesses without a comprehensive data backup this would spell disaster.

Traditionally backup has been done onto a physical storage device or server on your premise. However, to be truly effective this meant always having a copy of this backup that was taken off site to be safe from theft, fire of water damage.

Now there is a much easier and safer option. ‘Online’ or ‘Cloud’ backup. Cloud computing is the latest thing in technology and over the last few years cloud backup, recovery and restore features have emerged as a very secure, cost effective, reliable and hassle free way to secure your data.
So how does this work and why is it better than simply backing all your data up on an external hard drive?

  1. Automatic and Always On
    With our online backup you always have a backup, whatever happens. Every day your backup is created automatically and immediately stored safely outside your home and/or business. Even after fire or burglary, you can easily get your data back via the click of a button.
  2. Hassle Free
    Online backup runs quietly in the background so you do not have to worry. Our system can also provide you with extensive statistics if required. After each backup you will receive a comprehensive report about the backup job. You can determine at which moment of the day the backup is performed so your productivity is not affected.
  3. Strong compliance safeguards
    A cloud backup solution offers more reliability and redundancy than traditional methods such as tape backup.
  4. Eliminates the shortcomings of traditional forms of backup
    Tape, external disk and server backups are often expensive, vulnerable to becoming obsolete, can be lost, stolen or physically damaged. Recovering data from one of these devices can be time consuming, especially if they need to be collected from somewhere off-site.
  5. Clever use of up to date IT technologies
    Cloud backup solutions allow you to use your IT resources for more pressing matters and initiatives. Cloud backup is also capable of easy scalability, making it the most flexible option that can evolve with your business without having to re-invest in hardware and software as you grow.
  6. Cost Effective
    Even though you will have to pay a small fee for your online cloud storage subscription, using online backup brings considerable cost savings since you do not have the cost of tapes drives, external hard disks, backup software or servers and the time you need to backup and verify each backup job. In this time of higher energy bills you can also count on a considerable saving on your energy costs since you do not need a dedicated backup server running 24/7. All these benefits account for an average saving of at least 60%.
  7. Always available 24/7
    The backup is always ready for restore. You can restore your data at anytime and at any location with a simple press of a button.
  8. Encrypted Data
    Your data is automatically encrypted before it is sent over the secure Internet connection. The data remains stored encrypted. This is your data only for you to read.
  9. Peace of Mind
    Using our online backup service gives you peace of mind. You will no longer have to worry about backing up your data and the safety of your backup media.
  10. Unlimited Backup & Restore Support
    With our cloud based backup solution you can call upon our help whenever you need us, whether it be to ask advice, perform a data restore, change a backup schedule or simply ask for help to check your backups are functioning correctly. We are local and here to help!

Talk to us today to find out what’s involved in moving you’re your company’s data backup to one of our Cloud Backup solutions.

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Apple Mac Products For Your Office

To celebrate the launch of the new iPhone 6 we thought we would take a quick look at Apple’s choice of machines to use in your office.

iPhone 6 and 6 plus
Apple’s latest iPhone arrives with a bigger screen, more power and new software tricks.

iPhone 6
The all new iPhone 6 has a bigger, crisp display, improved LTE and Wi-Fi speeds, better camera autofocus, bumped-up storage (up to 128GB) and NFC Apple Pay mobile wallet features on the horizon. The battery life doesn’t seem to be any better than the 5s though.

iPhone 6 plus
This is without a doubt Apple’s best iPhone yet. The bigger battery means great battery life, and the 5.5-inch screen is not only big but bright and high-contrast. In addition, optical image stabilization improves low-light photography.

iPad Air – The power of lightness
ipad-airiPad Air weighs less than half a kilo, but even though it’s extremely light, it has an aluminium unibody enclosure that feels solid and durable in your hand.

Photos and videos look incredibly detailed and text is razor sharp on the stunning Retina display. It features over 3.1 million pixels — a million more than an HDTV.

The powerful and power-efficient A7 chip with 64-bit architecture makes everything remarkably responsive — while still delivering up to 10 hours of battery life.

In our opinion the best tablet on the market.

Macbook Air – thin, light, powerful

macbook-airUltra-thin, very light, powerful and breat battery life.. a very hard laptop to beat in our opinion

The 11-inch MacBook Air lasts up to 9 hours between charges and the 13-inch model lasts up to an incredible 12 hours.

Flash storage in MacBook Air is up to 9x faster than a conventional 5400-rpm notebook hard drive. So everything you do is snappy and responsive. MacBook Air even wakes up fast, thanks to flash storage and fourth-generation Intel Core processors

Whatever the task, the fourth-generation Intel Core processors with Intel HD Graphics are up to it. From editing photos to browsing the web, everything happens ultra-fast — while using less energy. And all that power is encased in an incredibly thin 1.7-cm unibody design that weighs only 1.08kg.

A firm favourite at iTek!

Macbook Pro Retina Display
macbookproThis is an incredibly advanced and powerful notebook.

A ground-breaking Retina display. All-flash architecture. Fourth-generation Intel processors. Remarkably thin and light 13-inch and 15-inch designs. Together, these features take the notebook to a place it’s never been.

When Apple pack so many pixels into a display — over four million on the 13-inch model and over five million on the 15 inch model — the results are positively stunning with images taking on a new level of realism and text a new level of crispness.
Performance is fast and powerful thanks to a fourth-generation dual-core Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 processor, and with speeds up to 3.0GHz, shared L3 cache up to 4MB and Turbo Boost speeds up to 3.5GHz, these processors are ready for just about anything.

The Macbook Pro really is an amazing piece of kit!

iMac 27 inch – engineered to the very last detail and then some!
imacCreating such a stunningly thin design took equally stunning feats of technological innovation. Apple meticulously designed and engineered everything about iMac from the inside out. The result is an advanced, elegant all-in-one computer that’s as much a work of art as it is state of the art.

High Performance technologies – With fourth-generation Intel Core processors, high-speed graphics, Thunderbolt I/O and an advanced Fusion Drive option, iMac isn’t just visually stunning. It’s also incredibly powerful.

High quality screens – the widescreen iMac display is designed to reduce reflection and as the LCD is right up against the display glass everything appears more vivid and lifelike in detail.

For a desktop computer they don’t make them any better than this!

To find out more about the right Apple Mac products please call us on 01539 898 125

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Business Cloud based email services

Is it time to move your business emails to a Cloud based service?

Lets face it… your business cannot operate today without email. That’s a fact!

Nowadays you have several options when deciding how to run your company’s business email accounts.

Traditionally your company would purchase a server and install Microsoft Exchange on it. This is a great solution and works well. Microsoft Exchange Server comes with a plethora of tools, and gives you complete control of calendars, emails, address books, tasks, and much more. The downside is that you will have to purchase server-grade hardware to run it as well as a Microsoft Exchange software license. Then there is the additional cost associated with each user having to use Microsoft Outlook. On top of this you will have to make sure that your server and network are protected against the inevitable spam and virus attacks that may come via email. Oh, and there will also be set up and maintenance as well, all of which amounts to additional time and cost.

But fear not, there is now another alternative that could cost you a lot less money in the long run and still give you everything you need to run your business… Hosted Microsoft Exchange Emails, also known as Cloud Email.

When you are considering changing to a Cloud email system you have a few options:

One option is a cost-free solution such as Gmail or Yahoo. The problem with these services is basically the lack of control you would have over your data, also sharing contacts can be difficult and you really wouldn’t want to use an email address ending as it looks rather unprofessional.

The other option would be a Microsoft Exchange ‘Cloud-based’ email service. The beauty of this type of email service is that all you need is an Internet browser or email client, no hardware other than you computer.

For this you pay a flat rate on a monthly or annual basis and have 24/7 access to your online, cloud-based server. No hardware or software, just your subscription.

As this is an Internet-based service, as long as you can connect to the Internet, you can access all the tools you need. The only downside is that If your Internet connection goes down, you lose access to your email. However if you have your own server and your Internet goes down you would still lose the ability to send and receive emails.

Comparison Cloud vs In-house system
Cloud based email service
£6 per mailbiox, no maintenance, no hardware, no software licenses.

In-house server email
Maintaining your own server in-house.
Purchase suitable hardware
Exchange Server software license.
Antivirus software
Spam filter

In addition to the cost of the above, maintaining your system requires either in house staff or a third party IT company which both have further cost implications. Any downtime will cost you money and if there is a problem with your own system them you are responsible for fixing it.

The email Cloud services provided by iTek have a 99.9% guaranteed uptime. Using our Cloud email services could save you money in terms of productivity through uptime. You save on the cost of upkeep and maintenance, and don’t have to worry about the hidden costs like servers, spam filters and anti-virus software. You may also have access to additional tools that you weren’t using before.

With our Cloud email services the standard storage limit is a huge 25gb per mailbox. All mail is SPAM filtered and virus checked upon arrival and as part of the this price we also provide webmail and push e mail to all your current and future mobile devices.

Please contact us with any questions or for a quote on 01539 898125 or use the enquiry form on our website.

hosted microsoft exchange email

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IT support for cloud services

“The Cloud” is term you will have heard used a lot these days, but what is it and how should my business be using it?

In simple terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and software over the internet rather than from your computer’s hard drive. “The Cloud” is just another way of saying “The Internet”.
Using the cloud means you are NOT using your local hardware to store data, you are NOT using software on your PC or Mac and you are NOT having to use a dedicated hardware server.

However, it is often better to use a combination of cloud services to compliment your existing network and server set up.

What Cloud computing services are available?

  • SaaS
  • Utility computing
  • Web services in the cloud
  • Platform as a service
  • MSP (managed service providers)
  • Service commerce platforms

If you are not sure what all of these are, and whether you should be using any of them iTek can advise you accordingly.

Which cloud computing services should I be using?
Every business is different and a ‘One-size-fits-all’ approach will not work. We would need to discuss with you what services you use, how you use them and then work out what would be your best solution.

For example, it may be that you need to have access to your emails on a number of different devices and need all of these to sync so you always have the information you need at your fingertips. In that case cloud email solution would be perfect for you.

It may be that you need an option for backing up all of your crititcal data both on-site and off. In this case it would be advantageous to have a cloud back up on a scheduled basis, as well as your backup to physical disk on your network.

iTek can provide your business with cloud IT support services to ensure you are getting the mix of cloud and on-site solution right for your needs. This would usually be done as part of a wider IT support contract that would also cover your hardware and physical network.

To find out more about our cloud IT support services or to arrange an onsite visit, please call our support team on 01539 898 125

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IT support for Apple Mac Networks, Servers & Apple Mac Devices

Itek Computer Solutions provide expert technical consultancy and Mac IT support services to businesses throughout the Nothwest, from Kendal in Cumbria to Lancaster and Preston in Lancashire and down to Manchester and beyond. Our service ranges from small business Apple Mac server installations to enterprise scale deployment and integration.

iTek Computer Solutions Make Apple Products Work Better For Business

Apple Mac IT Support for Businesses
Dedicated support & management services for your teams who rely on Mac & iOS devices.

Apple server support services
Your servers are a crucial part of your IT infrastructure and as such need to be maintained and protected.

iTek have years of experience in the installation of Apple Mac network infrastructures, backup systems and anti-spam measures. We can set up your Mac OS X servers securely, protecting your data in a safe and secure system and ensuring that your services run smoothly. We’ll take care of your IT system, leaving you to concentrate on running your business.

ITek can help you with your Apple Server set up, configuration and then ongoing IT support:

  • Real time Apple Server support, monitoring and reporting
  • Remote support and administration
  • On-site support as necessary
  • Server hardware support

Why Chose iTek to support your Apple Server and Apple devices?
We are proud of the reputation iTek has built us as a technical leader in Apple technology and in the support we give to our business clients. Our Apple IT support contracts offer you peace of mind as you won’t need to worry about how you will get your technical problems resolved.

Our range of services has been designed to support business of all sizes and includes:

  • Apple Mac repairs
  • Consultancy
  • The service desk support is available from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday for Mac support and is tailored to suit your preferred method of working – by phone, email or remote access.
  • Technical advice for clients
  • Fast response times
  • Server set up
  • Network installation
  • Proactive monitoring and updates
  • SLAs
  • Monthly cost

To find out more about our IT support services or to arrange an onsite visit, please call our Apple Mac support team on 01539 898 125

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What is IT support & why does my company need it?

The definition of IT Support is:

Technical IT support or tech support refers to a range of services by which enterprises provide assistance to users of technology products such as mobile phones, televisions, computers, software products or other electronic or mechanical goods. …

What does IT support mean to me and my business?
In simple terms, we provide you with IT support and look after your computer network and all your devices; servers (Windows or Apple Mac), desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, emails, security and virus protection, and back-up systems.

Our service is proactive rather than reactive. This approach ensures that your system is running the latest operating systems, that all of the latest security patches have been installed and tested with your set up and that your licenses are all up to date and correct for the software you are using.

In our experience, having a proactive IT support plan with monthly checks and updates will give you a much smoother system with far fewer problems and surprises. We are often able to spot potential issues and sort them out before they cause you any problems.

We are also able to advise you on what equipment and software you need and what would work best for your business. We can also supply, install and integrate these into your exiting or new system.

If you are setting up a new network we can provide a full consultation and design service, as well as carry out new installations and full system set up.

Why does my company need IT support on a regular basis?
Being proactive is the best way to avoid IT related problems. Proactive IT support gives you peace of mind, knowing that we are looking after your system and will keep everything running smoothly, leaving you to run your business without having to worry about your IT.

Technology develops at an incredible pace these days and what was ‘cutting edge’ last year may well be ‘yesterday’s news’ today. There are often real advantages to updating your systems to use new and more capable hardware and software. With iTek Computer Solutions providing your support, you can feel confident that your system will be kept up to date

What areas do you cover?
We are an IT support company based in Kendal, Cumbria and have many clients throughout the Northwest of England, from Lancaster and Morecambe down to Preston and Manchester. However we can usually perform most of our work remotely by dialling into your system. This cuts down costs and means we can react far quicker to any issues than if we had to come to your premises. However, if a site visit is required then that can also be arranged.

Why iTek Computer Solutions.
Operating out of our new offices in Kendal, Cumbria, we are ideally placed to help Northwest companies reduce IT costs and at the same time ensuring the delivery of a quality IT service provision to their staff and users.

Our fixed-price IT support contracts allow you to accurately predict and budget for your IT spend on a monthly basis.

Our experienced IT support team can either work as your IT department, or complement your existing IT staff to provide an extra level of technical expertise, problem solving and fault resolution.

All our IT support contracts are underpinned by SLAs, giving you peace of mind and fast response times. Our service includes:

  • Remote monitoring, alerts and reporting for any device.
  • Proactive maintenance, change control, upgrades and audit service.
  • Strategic IT road-map consulting, IT project design and management.

Call us today on 01539 898125 and talk to one of our team to see what a difference we can make to your IT.

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iTek receives award for the restoration of Kendal office

We are delighted to announce that last night we received a prestigious award from the Kendal Civic Society for the restoration of our new iTek offices in Kendal. The renovation work we did on the whole building has been recognised by the Kendal Town Planners and the Kendal Civic Society and given a ‘Highly Commended Design Award’.



Needless to say we are  really pleased to have been given this award and the recognition for the work we did on bringing an old derelict building of 30 years back to life, while adding a modern twist to the design of the building! You can see the transformation in the photo above.

Only 2 building projects were deemed good enough to receive the award this year!

Here are a few more photos from inside:


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Why an IT support contract is worth its weight in gold

‘Prevention is far better than cure’, have you heard that expression before? It’s true for many things in life and none more so than in relation to your IT system. Proactive maintenance is always the best solution as it identifies any potential issues well before they arise, and in 9 times out of 10 will keep you up and running without any problems.

When you are signed up to one of our IT and network support and maintenance contracts you get regular access to our expertise and our years of experience, making sure your  I.T. investment works best for you. We guarantee a quick reaction time to any issues you may have. In reality we are often able to sort these out either there and then on the phone, or by quickly dialling into your system. By working on your IT system each month we get to know it and as a result can often pinpoint any issues that crop up much faster than if we are only dealing with this on an adhoc basis.

Our IT support contracts cover the following areas:

  • IT equipment support
  • IT server and network support
  • IT equipment maintenance
  • IT network maintenance
  • Microsoft License monitoring
  • Apple Mac Server supply, support, repair and maintenance

An IT support contract designed specifically for you

We will design a support contract that suits your individual business. We can provide a range of cover, from  a basic retainer contract so you have the peace of mind to know we’re there when you need us, right up to high usage all inclusive contracts.

Our prices are competitive and vary depending on the size and complexity of your IT system and the level of cover you require.

Get in touch with us today and we’ll take a look at your system and provide you with a free, no obligation audit, making our recommendations and pinpointing any weaknesses.

Please call us on 01539 898125

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Hosted Microsoft Exchange emails, the smart choice

How a Hosted Microsoft Exchange e-mail system could be a smart move for your business.

Since writing our blog about Hosted Exchange email in January we have had a lot of interest and many of our clients moving onto this very flexible system. So what is all the fuss about?

Basically Hosted Exchange 2010 is a secure business-class email messaging and collaboration service that makes it possible for you and your employees to work anywhere, at anytime.

hosted microsoft exchange email

  • Collaborate within your organisation
  • Mobile working
  • Flexible service options
  • Easy setup, simple management
  • Access to enterprise technology
  • Security, availability and data backup
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam protection

Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010 key business benefits

  1. Business email – including your calendar, document repository, contacts list, collaboration tool and even a historical archive.
  2. Benefits of a Microsoft Exchange Server – without the overhead of purchasing and managing the server in house.
  3. Remote storage – All the emails are stored on the servers in a centralised data repository allowing users to connect from multiple machines such as laptops, PCs and mobile devices at the same time and keeping all devices synchronised.
  4. iTek will deploy a complete Microsoft Exchange infrastructure without you investing in mail servers, software licenses, security, in-house email expertise, and ongoing system administration & maintenance
  5. Email to suit your business – iTek’s IT support allows you to fully utilise the business benefits of using a hosted exchange e-mail set up.
  6. Enhanced Security and efficiency – With enhanced security, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam, automated and timely installation of anti-virus, security patches and other software updates, you will be able to fully focus on your core businesses.
  7. Email Anywhere – With iTek Hosted Exchange you can access your information anywhere, enabling you access to your emails, calendars, and contact information via a mobile device, or from any PC or Mac with an Internet connection. Mobile Access via ActiveSync/Direct Push.
  8. Fully managed solution – you do not have to worry about the security, integrity or delivery of your email again.
  9. Guaranteed uptime of 99.9%

Great Value
Our affordable pricing makes it easy for companies of every size and any budget to take advantage of Microsoft Exchange’s power and flexibility and experience significantly lower cost of ownership.

Simple Pricing
iTek’s Hosted Exchange is priced on a ‘per user, per month’ basis, so you can grow or shrink the number of users each month to meet your company’s needs.

The price is £6 per month per mailbox and £8.50 per month per mailbox with an outlook 2010 license. The mailbox size limit is 25gb per mailbox. As above, all mail is SPAM filtered and virus check upon arrival and as part of the this price we also provide webmail and push e mail to all your current and future mobile devices.

Please contact us with any questions or for a quote on 01539 898125 or use the enquiry form on our website.

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