Your Complete IT Support for Businesses in Morecambe

iTek Computer Solutions are an IT consultancy providing IT support, hosted Exchange services, and data recovery for businesses in Morecambe

Morecambe and surrounding areas are now covered by iTek Computer Solutions

Morecambe is well known as a once a popular seaside holiday destination. While it could be said that it has seen better days, the rise of the popular Midland Hotel has attracted tourists from all over the world, and as a result the town now boasts of a variety of new businesses.

iTek Computer Solutions now brings their IT support services to Morecambe. Our personalised approach and comprehensive IT consultancy service allows us to meet the needs of businesses in the area. Business can choose to have us as their own IT department or supplement an existing IT infrastructure. Businesses in Morecambe and surrounding areas can benefit from our IT services, which include:

IT Support and Maintenance
We offer a unique and proactive IT support, which identifies and rectifies possible issues and failures even before they occur.

IT Consultancy and Planning
We conduct a detailed IT audit report of your current IT systems and infrastructure to help understand your business and make educated decisions about upgrades, future planning, licensing and security.

Computer Network Installations
We provide a fully managed IT network installation service for both Microsoft and Apple based networks.

Hosted Exchange Services
Microsoft Exchange allows employees to stay connected and in complete synchronisation by providing businesses with centralised email, calendar, and contacts on the PC, phone & web.

Cloud Services
Cloud based Exchange e-mail platforms allow employees to share calendars, contacts and documents across desktops, web and mobile platforms.

Data Recovery
In the event of data loss or system failure, we can recover data and restore your system to full working order quickly and possibly, without data loss or corruption.

Apple and PC Equipment Supply
We offer PC equipment and software supply for desktop PC’s, laptops, and Apple Mac.

IT Security Services
We ensure that your systems are safe by working together with leading manufacturers of security hardware and software.

Now that Morecambe also benefits from a high-speed broadband connection, businesses can utilise our cloud or hosted exchange services, allowing greater efficiency in business operations, added system security, with critical data stored and managed off-site.

iTek are based in Kendal, a 45-minute drive to Morecambe, allowing us to quickly respond to perform any on-site IT support tasks.
If your businesses is located in or around Morecambe, please feel free to get in touch to see how we can support your IT needs.

Speak to us today for a reliable network and IT support for your business.