IT Support & Consultancy for Businesses in Windermere

Businesses in Windermere now have access to iTek Computer Solutions’ IT support services, data recovery, hosted Exchange services, and more

Windermere is the largest natural lake in England and is considered to be the perfect destination in Lakeland all year round. It boasts of fantastic scenery and a multitude of leisure activities. It is a busy little town that is lined with a variety of local shops, pubs, hotels, B&Bs and businesses of all shapes and sizes.

At iTek Computer Solutions we can provide IT support services to any business in and around Windermere. We offer bespoke IT services and a comprehensive IT consultancy that is tailored fit to meet the needs of your specific businesses. Our approach is flexible – we can act as your IT department or supplement your existing infrastructure.

Businesses in Windermere and surrounding areas can greatly benefit from our IT services, which include:

IT Support and Maintenance

IT-related failures and issues can be identified and rectified even before they occur with our unique and proactive IT support.

IT Consultancy and Planning

A detailed IT audit report encompassing  your IT infrastructure, hardware and software is created to help us understand your business better. Through this, educated decisions on future planning, upgrades, security and licensing are made.

Computer Network Installations

We provide a fully managed IT network installation for both Apple and Microsoft networks. This includes installation, termination, equipment supply, cabling, set-up and testing.

Hosted Exchange Services

Microsoft Exchange allows employees to stay connected and in complete synchronisation by providing businesses with a centralised email, calendar, and contacts on the PC, phone & web.

Cloud Services

Employees are able to share calendars, contacts and other documents across all devices and platforms through our day-to-day management of cloud based Exchange email platforms.

Data Recovery

iTek’s data recovery specialists work hard to restore damaged or deleted files in good working order. We also provide you with a full step by step disaster recovery document that we can use to work from in the event of a failure.

Apple and PC Equipment Supply

iTek are one of the leading dealers of PC equipment and software supply for desktop PC’s, laptops, and Apple Mac.

IT Security Services

With iTek IT support you have peace of mind knowing that your systems are secure in great shape; we work with the leading manufacturers of security and hardware.

Cloud or hosted exchange services are also part of our service provision and can help bring greater efficiency in business operations and added security, with critical data stored and managed off-site.

As iTek are based in Kendal, we are very close to Windermere, meaning a very quick response should we need to attend your business to perform any on-site IT support tasks.

If your businesses is located in Windermere or its surrounding areas, please feel free to get in touch to see how we can support your IT needs.

Speak to us today for a reliable network and IT support for your business.