Complete IT Support & Consultancy for Businesses in Lancaster

IT Consultancy Company iTek Computer Solutions brings its IT support, data recovery, hosted Exchange services to businesses in Lancaster

Known as the county town of Lancashire, Lancaster is a beautiful city rich in history and culture. A cultural, educational, and commercial centre, the cosmopolitan buzz of the lively streets give way to a variety of independent shops and boutiques, cafes, pubs, restaurants, bed and breakfasts, hotels, entertainment and activity centres, and more.

iTek Computer Solutions now extends its IT support and consultancy services to the bustling city of Lancaster  and its surrounding areas. We offer bespoke IT solutions and a comprehensive IT consultancy service to meet the specific needs of businesses in the area. One main advantage of our IT support services is our flexibility – you may choose to let us run your IT department or supplement your existing infrastructure.

Businesses in and around Lancaster city can greatly benefit from our IT services, which include:

IT Support and Maintenance

Our unique and proactive IT support helps identify and rectify IT-related issues and failures even before they occur.

IT Consultancy and Planning

We conduct a comprehensive IT audit report of your current IT systems and infrastructure to help understand your business and make educated decisions about upgrades, future planning, licensing and security.

Computer Network Installations

We specialise in both Microsoft and Apple based networks and provide a fully managed IT network installation service – from cabling, termination and testing, to equipment supply, setup and installation.

Hosted Exchange Services

Employees stay connected and become more efficient workers as Microsoft Exchange keeps emails, calendars and contacts in perfect sync between all platforms and devices.

Cloud Services

Day-to-day management of cloud based Exchange email platforms allow employees to share contacts, calendars, documents across all platforms and devices. This increases work efficiency and productivity.

Data Recovery

In the event of data loss or system failure, our data recovery specialists can recover data and restore your system to full working order quickly and possibly, without data loss or corruption. A step by step disaster recovery document is also created, which we can work from in the event of a failure, shortening the time of data recovery.

Apple and PC Equipment Supply

We are one of the leading dealers of PC equipment and software supply for desktop PC’s, laptops, and Apple Mac.

IT Security Services

We offer you peace of mind knowing that your systems are secure as iTek work with leading manufacturers of security and hardware.

iTek are based in Kendal, less than half an  hour from Lancaster, giving a very quick response time should we need to attend your business to perform any on-site IT support tasks.

If your businesses is located in and around Lancaster, please feel free to get in touch to see how we can support your IT needs.

Speak to us today for a reliable network and IT support for your business.