10 Reasons You Should Use Cloud Backup Solutions

What would happen if you company computer or server suddenly died and your data on it was lost forever? We generate a huge amount if data these days and losing it just isn’t an option. For any businesses without a comprehensive data backup this would spell disaster.

cloud-backupTraditionally backup has been done onto a physical storage device or server on your premise. However, to be truly effective this meant always having a copy of this backup that was taken off site to be safe from theft, fire of water damage.

Now there is a much easier and safer option. ‘Online’ or ‘Cloud’ backup. Cloud computing is the latest thing in technology and over the last few years cloud backup, recovery and restore features have emerged as a very secure, cost effective, reliable and hassle free way to secure your data.
So how does this work and why is it better than simply backing all your data up on an external hard drive?

  1. Automatic and Always On
    With our online backup you always have a backup, whatever happens. Every day your backup is created automatically and immediately stored safely outside your home and/or business. Even after fire or burglary, you can easily get your data back via the click of a button.
  2. Hassle Free
    Online backup runs quietly in the background so you do not have to worry. Our system can also provide you with extensive statistics if required. After each backup you will receive a comprehensive report about the backup job. You can determine at which moment of the day the backup is performed so your productivity is not affected.
  3. Strong compliance safeguards
    A cloud backup solution offers more reliability and redundancy than traditional methods such as tape backup.
  4. Eliminates the shortcomings of traditional forms of backup
    Tape, external disk and server backups are often expensive, vulnerable to becoming obsolete, can be lost, stolen or physically damaged. Recovering data from one of these devices can be time consuming, especially if they need to be collected from somewhere off-site.
  5. Clever use of up to date IT technologies
    Cloud backup solutions allow you to use your IT resources for more pressing matters and initiatives. Cloud backup is also capable of easy scalability, making it the most flexible option that can evolve with your business without having to re-invest in hardware and software as you grow.
  6. Cost Effective
    Even though you will have to pay a small fee for your online cloud storage subscription, using online backup brings considerable cost savings since you do not have the cost of tapes drives, external hard disks, backup software or servers and the time you need to backup and verify each backup job. In this time of higher energy bills you can also count on a considerable saving on your energy costs since you do not need a dedicated backup server running 24/7. All these benefits account for an average saving of at least 60%.
  7. Always available 24/7
    The backup is always ready for restore. You can restore your data at anytime and at any location with a simple press of a button.
  8. Encrypted Data
    Your data is automatically encrypted before it is sent over the secure Internet connection. The data remains stored encrypted. This is your data only for you to read.
  9. Peace of Mind
    Using our online backup service gives you peace of mind. You will no longer have to worry about backing up your data and the safety of your backup media.
  10. Unlimited Backup & Restore Support
    With our cloud based backup solution you can call upon our help whenever you need us, whether it be to ask advice, perform a data restore, change a backup schedule or simply ask for help to check your backups are functioning correctly. We are local and here to help!

Talk to us today to find out what’s involved in moving you’re your company’s data backup to one of our Cloud Backup solutions.