Tech News – 2017

2017 is now well underway… but we’re only a couple of months in and we’ve already seen plenty of new releases, updates and ground-braking tech.

Here’s our round up of top tech news so far:

CES – The year always kicks off with CES in Las Vegas – Tech world showcases all the latest stuff.

So this years CES was no exception. We saw some amazing new ideas and tech released. Which will become the BETA MAX of video, which the next iPhone, we’ll have to wait and see.

Here’s a short video roundup of what we saw:

iPhone 8
This year sees the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and rumours are already flying around about this years expected release of the iPhone 8. It’s said to be released sometime later this year and is likely to be a big step forward for Apple. Some suggested features are:

Faster chip technology
Wireless charging
Edge to Edge screen – smaller device for the same size viewable screen and Touch ID and the camera may be built directly into the display.
Flexible plastic OLED screen meaning curved edges, thinner device with better quality display.
Improved water resistance
Replace lightning port with new USB-C… that could be a controversial one!
Improved camera

No-one knows for sure yet, but what would be on your feature list?

Microsoft Surface Phone
With the huge success of the Microsoft Surface devices the world has been waiting for the phone version.

With Microsoft’s poor history and limited success with phones this is their big chance to steel a slice of the Apple and Google dominated pie?

When are we likely to see it? – probably in the first half of this year.
Design? – Likely to come in 3 editions, and designed to sit with the other Surface products.
Display and storage? – 5.7inch display with 3 storage options. 32GB / 128GB / 500GB
Software? – Windows 10 / Microsoft wallet and Continuum
Price? – With the 3 versions we should see an entry level, and enterprise version and then one for ’power users’. Price wise it will have to compete with Apple, Google and Samsung so it’s widely expected to be from £500 to £900 depending on spec.

Nothing has officially been announced yet so watch this space!