Business Grade Wi-Fi & Guest Wi-Fi Systems

iTek Computer Solutions have years of experience in the installation of business grade single and multi-site wireless indoor and outdoor ‘Wi-Fi’ solutions. A business grade system is one that is designed to be scalable, manageable and with a choice of features allowing for a secure and reliable network in a business and public facing environment.

wifi-300x300In simple terms, we advise and install the best Wi-Fi solution for your business. From the single, simple Wi-Fi access point suitable for a small office right through to a large-scale and complex set up with mesh and point-to-point solutions. Our business and guest Wi-Fi systems are suitable for:

  • Small offices
  • Large offices
  • Hospitality – pubs, restaurants and hotels
  • Conference and event venues
  • Manufacturing, Industrial and Warehousing
  • Leisure
  • Health sector
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Construction sites
  • Indoor and Outdoor systems

We also offer on-going maintenance contracts on our Wi-Fi networks to ensure your investment runs at maximum efficiency in terms of availability and speed.

Wi-Fi only solutions
You can’t argue with the fact that a wireless network is very convenient, so much so that many small businesses are actually opting out of a wired solution altogether and going straight to Wi-Fi.

In such situations setting up a guest Wi-Fi network is also essential as it provides you with improved security and privacy, increased convenience for your visitors as well as proper control over who is using your network.

Offices and business premises
In your office or venue we can provide you with 2 levels of access; a private network for your business and a separate guest access for visitors. We can also provide ‘point to point’ bridge systems to extend your Wi-Fi network to adjacent buildings. Our networks run with enhanced security and we can monitor usage and provide you with a monthly usage report based on per user, per device & sites visited etc.

Schools and colleges
iTek supply educational establishments with effective, reliable and cost effective solutions that allow access to be controlled and monitored right across any campus.

Hospitality industry – pubs, restaurants and hotels
Your guests expect a fast and reliable Wi-Fi service these days and iTek can provide you with the right solution for your environment. The hospitality sector has woken up to the fact that it needs to install reliable Wi-Fi networks to provide its guests with the service they expect and need. Talk to us about upgrading your service today.

Manufacturing, industrial and warehousing
Wi-Fi in these environments can be complex and challenging due to interference from plant and moving vehicles as well as size and other environmental factors. iTek have experience in solving these problems and supplying and installing the right network solutions.

Site survey
Before we are able to specify the right solution for your business we will need to carry out a site survey. In doing this we will be able to fully understand the business environment in which the proposed Wi-Fi network will operate. This will allow us to identify any potential problems and most importantly establish exactly what your business needs and expectations are.

For more information on business and guest Wi-Fi systems, and see how we can solve your problem, call us today on 01539 898 125 and speak to one of out team.