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The working world is changing at an unrelenting pace, as more and more people embrace hybrid, or fully remote, working arrangements. So, to make sure you keep up with the competition and get access to the very best staff, a communications solution that supports hybrid working is a must.

At iTEK Cumbria, we are a local business born and raised at the foot of the Lakeland fells, ready to work with the world at the click of a button. Together, we can make this your reality and help you realise your potential with our Universal Communications and Hosted Voice solutions. Take the first step today by popping into our Staveley office or by giving us a call – wherever you are…

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Unified Communications (UC) solutions are a gold standard for operational efficiency in any modern organisation. UC programmes combine all aspects of communication into one, easy-to-use platform. Send quick notes to colleagues through instant messaging functions and if the conversation evolves, with the click of a button, start a video call to discuss it face-to-face. UC solutions remove all barriers to efficient communication within and between your teams, encouraging new levels of productivity, collaboration and efficiency. 

The day-to-day improvements Hosted Voice and UC solutions can bring about in your organisation will leave you wondering how you ever got by in the days of traditional copper telephony. The days of briefings delayed by traffic and meetings being cancelled because of train strikes can be consigned to the past. With a high-quality UC solution delivered by iTEK, your team can join the conversation from the road, rail, or their living room. And we’ve all been in those meetings that stall as you realise you need that one person who knows that one thing, but you don’t know where they are. Many UC solutions include a calendar function, allowing you to find out if they are free and dial them in. 

Ultimately, we know that no digital solution can ever fully replace meeting in-person and having a proper, honest chat. As communications technologies progress, though, more and more work activities can be conducted remotely, making the workplace more accessible and your team less stressed, less tired and more ready to get the most out of their day. Our team are firm believers in the potential of hybrid work and are ready to take your call to discuss how Hosted Voice and UC solutions can help you achieve that – or, if you prefer, feel free to come and see us in our Staveley office!

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