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At iTEK Cumbria, we understand that before your IT can do anything for your organisation, it needs to be secure. The speed of innovation in this digital age has meant for a constantly evolving world of possibility, but it is set to the backdrop of an equally rapidly-developing threat environment.

We make sure to keep ourselves and our customers protected to the fullest possible extent, always asking how we can get that extra step ahead. If you have concerns that your cyber security might not be up to scratch, or you just want to learn more about what you can be doing to keep your organisation, and your team, safe online, give us a call today.

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As a Cyber Essentials Plus accredited organisation ourselves, we are well-placed to support organisations across all sectors to work toward these standards. That is a journey we have done with many of our partners and we know that it is essential to make sure that you can walk before you try to run. We will work closely with you to map out what you need and how you can get there, no matter what stage of the process you are at.

We all lock our offices up at night – with so much of our organisation based online, we need to do the same in the digital realm. At iTEK Cumbria, we can get you the keys to do so.

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Our cyber security experts have a great depth of knowledge on a range of solutions to protect our customers. The use of SSL VPNs (Secure Socket Layers Virtual Private Networks) is one that continues to proliferate across a whole host of sectors. Imagine a tunnel that transports you, and only you, to a vault containing the data you need. A VPN gets you a private, secure connection to the internet – enclosed in a tunnel that only you and your team can enter.

Running a VPN with the SSL protocol offers a high level of encryption to your data when any of your users access the internet – helping to keep the right people in the loop, and the wrong people out.

With our ear firmly to the ground, let us help you get ahead, and stay ahead, of the ever-changing cyber threat environment to get you working, and sleeping, confidently in the digital age. Get in touch today and when you lock up tonight, know you are one step closer to greater security for your organisation.


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