Cloud Storage backup solutions

Back your data up regularly or risk losing everything.

We all know we should do it, most of us do, but how we do it can make a huge difference when we need to get it all back.

Traditionally we have used various methods to back up our data: Magnetic tapes, Hard disks, Optical storage such as CDs and DVDs, Solid State storage (Flash drives, memory sticks etc) but now we’re seeing the emergence of the new kid on the block – Remote Backup, also known as Cloud Storage. Now that Broadband is getting faster and more reliable this is becoming the best way to backup your precious files.

Cloud Storage
There’s no way to know what sort of disaster might be just around the corner. Your locally stored files could be wiped out at any moment. Uploading copies to “the cloud” is now the number one way to protect them.
A fire, power surge, or leaking pipe could fry your system – disasters both natural and human-caused can threaten your files at any time. Even if you avoid these, there are many other ways to lose your locally stored data: hard drive failure, accidental deleting, or a lost or stolen laptop could spell disaster.

Small businesses rely on the availability of their data to keep running, so data loss without a reliable backup is a catastrophic event. The top causes of small business’ data loss include hardware/software failure, accidental deletion, computer viruses and theft.

Online backup services providing “Cloud Storage” securely store your data files away from your premises on off-site servers. As a result your data will stay intact and available even if your local disks are stolen or your premises suffer some disaster.

Why choose cloud backup?
Off-site and tape backup are quite expensive methods to backup data, and the volume of data increases, so it becomes harder to manage. Cloud backup gives you an infinite data repository of your backups so you can design the schedule and data you wish to backup to suit your organisation. The simple and clear pricing structure helps you determine the costs up front and you also have the ability to restore the data to any other decide, giving you must faster recovery than having to build an identical spec machine.

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