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IT Support and Proactive Maintenance – calling all businesses in Cumbria

An effective IT system will bring great benefits to your business. iTek Computer Solutions has the knowledge and experience to make technology work for you.

The most important service we provide is our ongoing IT Support and proactive maintenance service. We operate throughout the North West and for a few clients we even manage their systems overseas. The majority of our clients are in Cumbria and North Lancashire – Kendal and Lancaster areas in particular.

So what is it that we do for our clients – We keep their IT systems safe!

Our ongoing IT Support service includes:

Cyber Security – to ensure your IT systems are safe. Spam, hacking, worms, viruses – if you’re not in the know it can be confusing.

Managing Data / Disaster Recovery / Bespoke Applications – You may be an SME with relatively straightforward requirements in terms of your computer system, but ask yourself this: if you couldn’t access your data what would happen?

Connectivity – At iTek, we have an unparalleled understanding of cutting-edge technology, including internet solutions. We can provide support and services to ensure you have secure and reliable internet connectivity, wired and wireless.

Remote Support – You request support, we connect and access, we solve the problem.

Communication and the IT Support conversation – We place great importance on client relationships, offering tailor-made support based on your requirements.

Technical IT Support – Our technical IT support includes Helpdesk Services where issues are analysed and either resolved or assigned to one of our specialist team.

We’ll be your emergency lifeline if things go wrong.
Our dedicated team of knowledgeable technicians and expert engineers will quickly curtail any crisis using the latest technology, including remote support.

See how we can help you?

Software to security, data to disaster recovery – we offer a comprehensive range of business IT services, support and solutions. Get in touch today, we’ll look at your current set up and then map out the best way forward for your business.